We have partnered with carefully chosen developer agencies and help them to focus on what they do best: Your software projects.

YDIN doesn't employ any designers and developers by ourselves. Instead, our core competence is in the software subcontracting management:

We make the resourcing of your software projects transparent, easy, and safe.


Advise on your subcontracting strategy and execution:


What to do in-house, and in what, where, and how to use external resources.


We assemble the right team based on your requirements.


From evaluating agency candidates to ensuring the right cultural match within the team.


We’re a delivery business, not a sales business.


We ensure smooth execution through the whole life-cycle of your projects.

Scalability, professionalism, and reliability of the big global consulting companies.

With dedication, cost, and agility of the smaller agencies.


Flexible and scalable resourcing options for your software projects.


You don’t want your brain surgery to be done by a general practitioner.


One or more developers working as a part of your own development team.


A complete product development team working for your product owner.

Complete mobile and web application design and development team

For an international F&B company

Senior software architect to advice in tech roadmap review and planning

For a growing e-commerce company

“Dream-team” with 20+ years of relevant software experience each for a PoC project

For a leading global telecom company

Two Senior iOS Developers to help achieve go-live target date

For an international app development company

A fast ramp-up of two full Scrum teams

For an aviation software product company


Software consulting and services business model. Reimagined.


In the professional services businesses, one thing is constant: the demand and supply never match.


Smaller software development agencies often can attract talented and committed developers but may have limited availability and ramp-up capability for new projects.


By partnering with several carefully chosen developer agencies, YDIN can offer you flexible and scalable resourcing cost-effectively.


We believe in what we’re doing, so we’re willing to put our skin in the game, both YDIN and our developer agency partners.


For each new developer working for you, the first 2 weeks are a no-risk trial period. If you’re not fully satisfied, you pay nothing.


In such an unexpected situation, we either provide you another developer as a replacement (again with the same 2 week trial period), or we part ways.


Understanding your business, your needs for the resourcing, evaluating different team options and setups, and ensuring your projects get executed successfully are hard and demanding tasks. And that’s were we differentiate with our close to 20 years of experience in software development.


We believe in professional personal service. No chatbot, wannabe-AI solution, self-service platform, sales assistant or HR intern will be trying to handle your case.


We’re an engineering company by nature, we love when things work like a Swiss watch.


We create, share, and promote the industry best practices with our partners, for example, useful tools, training materials, HOWTOs, and checklist that can make everyone work and life easier.


Our standard contract framework already covers the mandatory “legalese” like confidentiality, IPR, GDPR, and financial terms, enabling agencies to focus on what they do best: The software.


The best tech talent and work opportunities are not often located in the same neighborhood, and the living costs and commuting times in many of the bigger tech hubs have become unbearable.


At YDIN, we’re a remote-first company, we believe that the future of knowledge work is more and more in distributed teams, and building capabilities to make it as effective as possible for all parties.


Meanwhile, we’re flexible and understand that sometimes either frequent visits or permanently working at the client premises is the best choice for all.


Transparency is one of our guiding values. Our operational and financial model is public, same as our contract templates.


After agreeing to our Terms of Service for Clients you get full visibility to our CVs, availability, and hourly rates.


During the projects, we provide real-time access to tasks, hour tracking, and budget progress.



YDIN Delivery Model is an open source collection of processes, tools, and best practices used in all our client projects.


We believe that transparent Time & Materials invoicing based on the actual hours is the best option for modern agile software development.

Both for the clients and the agencies, T&M enables to keep the focus on developing the software, and not on contracts or finding ways to improve, or rescue, one’s margins.

Successful software development with T&M model requires transparency and mutual trust. But those should be the starting point for any software project anyways, right?


1. Terms of Services

NDA to cover your confidential information.
A basic framework for any future projects.
Not binding to any purchases

2. Your business needs

Let’s discuss your plans and resourcing needs in more detail:
Organization, culture, people, and of course the tech.
Personal professional service

3. Resourcing proposal

CVs, rates, and budget estimates based on your requirements.
Video-interviews with the candidates to ensure the right match.
Full transparency

4. Project contract

Sign project resourcing contract with YDIN.
An efficient model to let your developers focus on work, not the paperwork.
Contracting made easy

5. Agile execution

Follow the progress, hours and budget of your developers in real-time.
Flexible resourcing changes if your business needs change.
Steering with YDIN


Create a client company account and get started with the FREE consulting.

Or email directly to [email protected] and lets schedule a call or F2F. And no, your email won't be added to any newsletters. We hate those as much as you do.


What do you mean with “developers”? Only programmers?

With “developers” we mean different tech talents involved in the digital product development: UX/UI designers, software architects, data scientists, programmers, DevOps, QA, scrum masters, product managers, and so on.

The reason for this approach is simply practical, makes things a lot easier than trying to list all possible roles all the time…

I have an idea for an app, how much does it cost?

Our focus is strictly on matching and providing the right tech resources for our clients’ needs, invoiced with Time & Materials model.

We’re happy to discuss your app idea or other similar needs, and based on our experience give recommendations and advice, but we will not give fixed-price proposals.

Instead, we’re happy to recommend to you developer agencies that we know are specialized in fixed-price project deliveries.

How much do developers from YDIN cost per hour?

We work with the top developer agencies, not with the cheapest providers in the markets. The cost-effectiveness of working with YDIN does not come from the cheapest hourly rates, but from our deliveries, and from the time, effort and nerves you’ll save. Outcomes matter more than the hourly rates.

Our hourly rates depend heavily on various factors, in practice your business needs:

  1. Each developers’ experience and technical skills: In the software development, an excellent developer can be easily 10 times more productive than an average, not to mention compared to a poor one…
  2. Capabilities of the agency: Almost the same “10x logic” applies to the agencies that provide the environment, support, training, tools, etc for the developers.
  3. Location of the developers: Want it or not, but exactly the same developer in San Francisco will cost more than in Bangalore.
  4. Onsite/offsite: Depending on the case, working onsite in the client premises can add cost either to the hourly rates or as expenses.
  5. Project length: The longer the project, the more it gives room for negotiations.

As a result, for a long-term nearshore/offshore team-extension or complete product team, hourly rates can start from 30-40USD range.

Mid-to-long term team onsite or near your own office in a big city or a high-cost tech hub depending on the location can be anything between 50-150 USD per hour.

For a short specialist needs, “brain surgeries”, hourly rates can be up to 150-300 USD per hour or more.

Sounds great! How to get started?

Simple steps:

  1. Drop us a message, and let’s meet or call, introduce, and discuss your needs. To be able to introduce you the right developers, we need to know and understand about your company, organization, culture, people, and of course tech plans.
  2. If things sound promising, we sign YDIN Terms of Service that cover confidentiality, IPR protection, and basic terms and conditions to work together. Our model is fully transparent and public, so should be no surprises in the paperwork.
  3. If you have urgent resourcing needs, we’ll start immediately building a suitable team setup for you.