The next 10 years

Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and crypto-technologies. With internet user-base growing to 6+ billion.

The next 10 years, the world will need more serious hardcore software engineering, not just copy-pasting from StackOverflow and hoping it will compile.

YDIN Software Consulting Group is built by and for the experienced developers, capable of that "software heavy-lifting".

According to Andreessen Horowitz, software is eating the world (link).

We eat software for breakfast.


Developers with 10-20+ years successful track-record in hardcore software engineering. And ready for the next challenges.

We focus on vetting, matching, and supporting software heavy-lifters for your software projects.

Hire locally to your own team, or contract remotely through YDIN.


Traditional agencies and head-hunters work for the companies. At YDIN as a developer, you are our "customer".

Typical career from graduation to retirement takes 40-50 years. Rarely a straight line, instead filled with ups, downs, and side-steps.

We help you to manage and develop your professional career with a long-term view:

Personal coaching and advisory, meaningful jobs and projects to work with, optimize your income, and work together with other software heavy-lifters in the YDIN community.


Founder and Managing Partner

18 years in international tech business in various positions from software engineering to sales to strategy consulting, and (almost) everything in between. From Global Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, in up to 20 countries.
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+66 9 9398 7050