The digital transformation has just begun, and developers are the core (in Finnish: "ydin") of making it happen.

YDIN is a talent management company designed for experienced hardcore digital product developers, "software heavy-lifters", with a mission to:

1. Help individual tech talents to develop their professional careers.

2. Build a community for networking, cooperation, and peer support.

As a result, we help tech companies in Southeast Asia to attract, hire, and retain some of these most sought-after tech talents.

According to Andreessen Horowitz, software is eating the world (link).

We eat software for breakfast.

YDIN as a company is developed and managed like it would be an open-source software project. We believe in "extreme transparency".


Traditional agencies and head-hunters work for the companies hiring. At YDIN as a developer, you are our "customer".

Your talent manager is an experienced engineering manager on your side of the table helping you to:

1. Develop your personal professional brand.

2. Hunt down your next dream job.

3. Negotiate fair deals with employers.

Even if you don't have any career moves planned in the near future, you can still enjoy and benefit from the Community of like-minded tech professionals.

All YDIN services for developers are 100% FREE. We make money only by helping you succeed.


Developing your brand is one of the best investments you can do.

 Better branding leads to more interesting opportunities to choose from, and to a better position to negotiate your terms. In practice, better jobs and more salary.

Things like writing a summary to own CV at LinkedIn, publishing work in GitHub or Behance, or asking for recommendations from previous employers sound simple, but can often be painful… or at least one of those things that always gets postponed.

Our job is to help you to define,  develop, and promote your personal brand:

Where you are at the moment, where you want to go professionally, and then hands-on help to build your personal branding to support your career goals.


We do "reverse head-hunting". You define the specs, we start hunting.

Finding the right jobs for your personal situation from the thousands of tech companies can be challenging and time-consuming.

From the years of working in the Southeast Asian tech ecosystem, closely following its development, and networking with key industry players, we've curated for our developers a list of 100+ interesting companies to start with.

The companies range from under-the-radar startups to well-funded growth companies to global tech leaders, both in developing own products and in providing software consulting and services.

The common nominators for all are that we believe they can offer interesting work opportunities, a developer-friendly culture, and attractive compensation for the software heavy-lifters.

Based on your personal criteria we introduce you to the right people in suitable companies.


The employers usually do hiring and negotiations for a living, how about you?

As a developer, you may not be in that position even every year negotiating salary levels, different benefits and perks, confidentiality, non-compete, and termination clauses, and possible equity and bonus models.

YDIN talent manager is an experienced engineering manager on your side of the table. Our goal is to facilitate fair deals for both parties.

We advise you hands-on end-to-end from evaluating and comparing different job offers to negotiating the agreement terms and conditions and compensation packages.

We're not lawyers, but we've been close to 20 years in the tech industry on both sides of the table, as an employee and as an employer, evaluating and signing different employment agreements.

Senior UX Consultant

To an ambitious growth-stage startup

Senior Software Architect

To an international software services company

Software Development Lead

To a mid-sized software and IT services company

Cloud Architect

To a world’s leading cloud provider


To a funded enterprise SaaS startup


An exclusive club for experienced hardcore digital product developers, "software heavy-lifters".

We build the Community and facilitate and support networking, cooperation, and peer support, as we believe that in addition to personal coaching and advisory those are crucial for the developers' professional development.

YDIN Community is invite-only invite-only and acceptance decisions are done based on peer-to-peer reviews, not coding tests or homework projects.

We want to keep the high standards and believe that the software heavy-lifters are the best people to identify other heavy-lifters they want to work with.

Even if you're not actively looking for the next career moves, or while in the new job, you're still entitled to all the benefits and services from YDIN and the Community.


Well, not quite... 😉 But get your fair share of the Community's growth and success.

Unless you're extremely lucky and join a startup that succeeds, developers' options for a financial upside tend to be quite limited, even when their contributions to the success of companies they work for can be significant.

YDIN changes that with our Community Revenue Share model. Each developer gets their share of the company’s revenue based on their contribution to the Community's growth and success:

1. Possibility for passive income with a significant financial upside.

2. An incentive to grow and develop the Community with a long-term view.

The model is fully transparent and public for all.


Founder and Managing Partner

Close to 20 years in international tech business in various positions from software engineering to sales to strategy consulting, and (almost) everything in between. From Global Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, in up to 20 countries.
[email protected]
+66 9 9398 7050


I’m a rockstar, I get all the jobs I want, why would I have “a talent manager”?

Dwayne “Rock” Johnson doesn’t need help in finding work, but he has a talent manager.

Usain Bolt is already the fastest man in the world, but he still has a coach. (And a manager…)

You do the math.

To who YDIN is for?

For experienced software developers who are interested in managing and developing their own professional careers, or just want to join the Community to network and cooperate with other “software heavy-lifters”.

We’re focusing on the growing tech ecosystem of Southeast Asia, mainly Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur, so ideally you should be:

1. Already located in Southeast Asia,
2. Interested to relocate and work in Southeast Asia, or
3. Interested in working remotely for the clients in Southeast Asia.

To who YDIN is NOT for?

YDIN is designed and built for experienced high-performing tech talents, but long track-record is still quite not enough.

Unfortunately, the tech industry has always been attracting alsopeople, often smart and talented, who are best described by the Dilberts already early 90s:

Technology Prima Donna

No matter how experienced and talented you are, if you don’t want our help, or you’re not interested in working together with other people, maybe YDIN is not the place for you.

What do you mean with “developers”? Only programmers can join?

With “developers” we mean different specialists in digital product development: UX/UI designers, software architects, data scientists, programmers, DevOps, QA, and so on.

The reason for this approach is partly practical, makes things a lot easier than trying to list all possible roles all the time…

But also partly based on our ideology of what “a software heavy-lifter” is.

For example, a junior JavaScript programmer may be familiar with only writing code with JavaScript, and that’s how we all of course started with.

But a programmer with even 10 years of working experience most probably has been using several different languages in different environments, has been responsible for software quality assurance and build and release management, and is familiar with the UI development and UX processes.

Same naturally applies for the experienced test engineers, UX designers, or software architects. And that diverse experience is what makes those people truly valuable for any tech companies.

How can all this be free? What’s the catch?

YDIN charges recruiting fee from the hiring company based on the annual income for the developer and takes a revenue share from the sold contracting projects (See pricing for details).

In practice, the better deals we get for you, the more we also earn.

I live in country “X”. Can I join YDIN?


Sounds great, so how can I join?

Joining is invite-only, so just drop us a message and we’ll introduce you with some of our developers to get things started!