Our Mission is to help tech companies to make their ideas happen.

At YDIN Software Consulting Group, we're an idea company. We love great new ideas, they are our passion and what makes us excited. The only thing we love more than ideas is to see them successfully implemented in reality.

Unfortunately, we've seen endlessly both big and small companies starting with great ideas, but failing in the execution. And, we've done some expensive and painful mistakes by ourselves too in our earlier business ventures.

Great ideas deserve great execution

Great execution in a technology business means succeeding in multiple areas that require various different skill sets:

Funding, product and project management, technology vision, development resources, marketing and sales, and typically also some good luck.

At YDIN we believe that we can best help our clients by focusing on the resourcing of their software projects, making it easy, transparent, and safe.

That way, they can spare their time and effort on the other needed components.

Software consulting. Reimagined.

What if you could build a software services and consulting company from scratch without old restrictions and limitations? Something better for both the clients AND the developers.

That’s how the YDIN Software Consulting Group was created. After close to 20 years in the software development business, in both buying and selling services, we knew we could build something better for both the clients looking for and for the agencies providing the software development services.

In its core, YDIN is designed and built for talented designers and developers and to enable them to focus on what they do best: software projects, and making ideas happen.

Our company name “ydin” is a Finnish word meaning core, kernel, nucleus, and central part of something.

It reminds of our roots in Finland and reflects our ideology of focusing on the things that matter.


Things we believe in and expect also from our business partners.


We work for both client companies and our software agency partners and believe in building long-term business relationships.


Our goal is to find the right clients with the right agencies and to facilitate fair and beneficial deals for both parties.


We believe in learning every day from the people and companies we meet.


As a result, we constantly develop our operations to serve our clients and agency partners better.


We also believe in giving back, sharing what we’ve learned, and advising and promoting the best practices.


We create new value by connecting right people and companies and facilitating their collaboration, not from secrets or hiding details.


We believe that long-term successful business relationships are based on trust, and trust is best built on transparency.


How YDIN operates is made fully public at our website and on our GitHub page.

According to a16z, software is eating the world.

We eat software for breakfast.


Founder and CEO

Close to 20 years in international tech business in various positions from software engineering to sales to strategy consulting, and (almost) everything in between. From Global Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, in up to 20 countries.

[email protected]
+66 9 9398 7050