About YDIN



Mobile, social, and cloud already changed the world during the last 10 years. But the digitization has just started.

Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and crypto-technologies will be the next mega-trends with similar impacts.

Same time mobile internet user-base will be doubling to 6+ billion, with increasing security threats and usability requirements.

As a combined result, the next 10 years, the world will need more serious hardcore software engineering, not just copy-pasting from StackOverflow and hoping it will compile.

YDIN is a talent management company for the experienced developers, capable of that "software heavy-lifting".


YDIN mission is to build a company for the best tech talent to unleash their true potential.

Longer version: To build a company for the best tech talent to unleash their true potential, to work together, and to help our clients to digitize the world.

YDIN is a mission-driven company. Our mission is not just a management-jargon forgotten on the website, but guides us in everyday decision-making why the company exists, and what's the purpose of the company.

So let's break that down a bit:


"To build a company"

As a business YDIN has an ambitious long-term vision to be "the 21st-century technology consulting company".

Not only a large successful company but also an example of how things can be done differently.

"For the best tech talent"

The tech talent is the #1 priority for YDIN, not the clients.

"To unleash their true potential,"

YDIN model is designed and built for the best developers, based on the idea that many of the traditional business, organization, leadership, and operational models are not optimized for their capabilities.

We believe that enabling focus, facilitating teamwork, and personal coaching can help a great talent to become a superstar.

"To work together, and"

YDIN is for talent who want to work together with like-minded professionals and be part of building something bigger.

Some great designers and developers want to work alone. And that's perfectly ok, but YDIN is not designed for the lonely cowboys.

"To help our clients"

YDIN is a services company, and ultimately our work is to help our clients.

But our approach is to have the developers as our #1 priority, not the clients, and we believe that it enables also better service for our clients.

Also, we're not a product company and don't develop own products.

"To digitize"

YDIN is an IT company focusing on software products' design and development.

There are a lot of exciting new non-software based technologies out there, but those are not in our focus.

"The world."

YDIN is a born global company. The developers can be located anywhere in the world, same as our clients.


Things that are important to us. Together with the mission guiding the everyday decision-making.


1. Transparency

YDIN as a company is developed and managed like it would be an open-source software project.

Operational and financial model, the way of working, templates, legal documents, checklists, ... Everything is published at the company Github page: GitHub.com/YDIN

We believe that such extreme transparency helps building trust, and engagement, with both the developers and the clients.

2. Personal growth

Professional development and career management with both a short and long-term view.

3. Teamwork

Together Everyone Achieves More. YDIN Community is built by and for team players.

4. Ownership

Build a company you can be proud of. Long-term view.

5. Financial upside

Get your fair share of the company's growth and success.


Ilkka Vesa
Founder and Managing Partner

18 years in international tech business in various positions from software engineering to sales to strategy consulting, and (almost) everything in between. From Global Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, in up to 20 countries.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +66 9 9398 7050


YDIN Private Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore with Registration No. 201628091W.


What does word “ydin” mean?

“Ydin” is a Finnish word meaning core, kernel, nucleus, and central part of something.

The company name reflects the ideology of focusing on the thing that matter.

If everything is open source, anyone can just steal and set up competitor?

Yes, anyone can copy the YDIN model, processes, and document as such. But the value of YDIN is not in those assets but in the people and teamwork.

The open-source approach also forces the company to be true to its mission: if the company fails in acting for the best for the talent, they will simply leave, copy the assets, and easily set up an own competitor.