Grow and develop your developer agency business with YDIN as your additional external sales force.

We work commission-only, so no upfront investments or base pay.


We work commission-only, so we naturally select carefully the clients and leads to work with.


Get introduced to only validated high-quality leads that match your agency’s strategy.


In the professional services business, one thing is constant: the demand and supply never match.


We help in hunting new projects when you have free capacity, or looking for more aggressive growth.


We focus on building long-term win-win relationships for the clients and the agencies.


Instead of one-time shots, we up-sell and cross-sell your services to grow your business with our clients.


Enterprises, growth-stage startups, and high-end consulting companies.

Tech companies who know what they're doing, and know what they want: More strength into their software development teams.

Either temporarily, or for long-term.


Change your cost of sales from fixed up-front to variable pay-as-you-go.


Get access to 100s of potential new clients and high-quality leads.


New channel to sell your extra development capacity and achieve higher billing ratio.


Pay only revenue share from actual client payments, instead of hiring more own salespeople.


We believe that transparent Time & Materials invoicing based on the actual hours is the best option for modern agile software development.

Both for the clients and the agencies, T&M enables to keep the focus on developing the software, and not on contracts or finding ways to improve, or rescue, one’s margins.

Successful software development with T&M model requires transparency and mutual trust. But those should be the starting point for any software project anyways, right?


We have a shared goal to find your designers and developers good projects.


Our success depends on the success of our developer agency partners.


Think of us as a senior business manager on your side of the table, available to advise in your strategy, marketing messages, organizational development, dispute management, or other topics that help you develop your company.


We hunt the right projects for the agencies, not the other way around.


Based on your available resources now, and in the foreseeable future, we contact clients in our network and reach out to new potential ones.


The better you can define your “wish-list”, the specs for the ideal clients and projects, the easier it is for us to focus especially on those ones.


YDIN works commission-only, a percentage of the actual invoicing, and we believe in building long-term win-win-win relationships.


In practice, our financial incentive is to facilitate fair deals for all parties.


We give recommendations and advice on the rates, but as a software agency, you have the final say on your proposed rates.


We invoice the clients on your behalf and take care of the payment tracking.


We typically invoice the clients every 2 weeks with 10 days net payment terms, helping also your cash-flow.


We’re an engineering company by nature, we love when things work like a Swiss watch.


We create, share, and promote the industry best practices with our partners, for example, useful tools, training materials, HOWTOs, and checklist that can make everyone work and life easier.


Our standard contract framework already covers the mandatory “legalese” like confidentiality, IPR, GDPR, and financial terms, enabling agencies to focus on what they do best: The software.


Don’t worry, we’re not lawyers.


But we’ve been close to 20 years in the software business on both sides of the table, as a client buying software services and as an agency, evaluating and signing different contracts and agreements.


We use simple and understandable contract templates with a goal to ensure fair deals for all parties.

YDIN Delivery Model is an open source collection of processes, tools, and best practices used in all our client projects.


YDIN takes 12% sales commission from the sold client projects.

Change your cost of sales from fixed up-front to variable pay-as-you-go.

1. Terms of Services

NDA to cover your confidential information.
A basic framework for any future projects.
Not binding to any projects

2. Apply for an Agency Partner

Calls/F2F to mutually evaluate the potential for collaboration.
We work with only selected top design and developer agencies.
Trust and transparency

3. Hitlist

Your specs for the target client project.
Marketing and sales materials.
Dedicated sales manager

4. High-quality leads

We screen and select all potential clients carefully.
Sign-off client proposals before sending.
You decide the proposed rates

5. Client projects

Focus on the work, we take care of the rest.
Client relationship management, invoicing, and payment tracking.
YDIN Delivery Model


Get access to 100s of potential clients and high-quality leads.

100% FREE. We work commission-only.


What do you mean with “developers”? Only programmers?

With “developers” we mean different tech talents involved in the digital product development: UX/UI designers, software architects, data scientists, programmers, DevOps, QA, scrum masters, product managers, and so on.

The reason for this approach is simply practical, makes things a lot easier than trying to list all possible roles all the time…

How do you choose your developer agency partners? What are you looking for in a partner?

We select our agency partners very carefully, based on the following primary factors:

Professionalism: We believe that digital product development is not the race to the lowest hourly prices, but instead of focusing on the tech talents, processes and tools, and teamwork. We look for agencies who share the same values.

Transparency and trust: YDIN operates in a commission-only model, in practice, we invest time and money to our developer agency partners, and put our own “skin in the game” with our clients. That will not succeed without mutual transparency and trust.

Continuous improvement: We look for agencies who are interested and willing to continuously learn and develop their operations. While working with both our clients and agency partners, we’re in a great position as “an outsider” to support and advice them.

Growth ambitions: Adding extra efforts to sales is useless unless the business wants to grow. We’re an ambitious company targeting for growth, and look for agency partners with similar mindset and targets.

We believe this alignment creates the strongest foundation for our mutual success.

Are you a competitor to independent developer agencies?

No, we’re not a competitor with our agency partners. We don’t have, and will not have, own designers and developers.

YDIN is only successful if we help our partner agencies to succeed.

Will I continue using my own brand with clients, or YDIN brand?

Your brand. And our job is to make your brand bigger than ever.

Your agency’s reputation is your brand. It’s the name that your clients and employees know and trust.

They value your band—and so do we. YDIN will work with you to help build awareness of your brand through digital marketing and other tactics. Your agency remains an independent business and brand as you leverage our operational support to grow and take on more clients.

Do I keep my current clients?


Your clients have chosen you and your agency for a reason, and that they value the relationship you’ve built with them.

While YDIN helps you to land and manage new clients, you’ll continue to own and manage your current and future clients, to the extent that works best for you.

How are the client rates decided?

Developer agencies and independent consultants have their own rates that are negotiated with the client, case by case.

YDIN facilitates the negotiations, targeting to build long-term win-win relationships.

How does the client invoicing work?

Contractually YDIN subcontracts the work from the agency partners.

We invoice the clients based on actual hours bi-weekly (typical agile sprint length) with net 10 days payment term. This naturally has some room for negotiations, depending on the clients.

Immediately after the payment arrives, we forward the payment to the agency.

In practice, we take care of the invoicing and payment tracking for our agency partners as a part of the service.

Also, we understand the importance of cash-flow management especially for the smaller agencies, and target to negotiate fair payment terms for all parties.