Developers with 10-20+ years successful track-record in hardcore software engineering. And ready for the next challenges.

At YDIN Software Consulting Group we focus on vetting, matching, and supporting software heavy-lifters for your software projects.

Hire locally to your own team, or contract remotely through YDIN.


The good old-fashioned headhunting, but the other way around.

Instead of hunting a suitable resource for a defined position, we work closely with each developer to understand their strengths, interests, and career ambitions, and then search the most suitable jobs for them.

As a result, you save time and effort by getting introduced only to developers who not only have passed our strict vetting and matching processes but who want to work specifically for your company.


Tap into the global talent pool with an experienced and reliable partner.

Some of the best tech talent don't fit, or don't want to fit, into the traditional 9-to-5 at the office and/or corporate career models.

Contract from YDIN experienced high-performing remote developers to be an integrated part of your development team, backed by our professional engineering management.


Work with experienced engineering management.

We believe in professional personal service. No chatbot, wannabe-AI solution, self-service platform, sales assistant or HR intern will be trying to handle your case.


Verified track-record and peer-to-peer evaluations over coding tests.

“Show me the code”: We start with public work examples and social proof in LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow, ...

Peer-to-peer evaluations: Software heavy-lifters are the best to identify other heavy-lifters, other top developers they'd like to work with.

Reference checks: We interview previous clients, colleagues, managers, and employees.


The art and science of finding the right developer for your team.

During the careers of 10-20 years, our developers have been working in several different environments and used various frameworks and languages. Picking up new tools or industries is business as usual for software heavy-lifters.

Instead, we believe that focusing on the culture match is a must-have for every successful job or project.

That's why before talking about tech and domain expertise, we want to understand about your company, culture, way or working, and expectations.


We're not a traditional "staffing agency".

 We take a long-term view to our developers' professional career development, and thus they can remain as part of our community even after joining as employees of your company.

As community partners, they can continue benefitting from the network and peer support of other software heavy-lifters, YDIN's career coaching and advisory services, and YDIN company revenue share model.


Founder and Managing Partner

Close to 20 years in international tech business in various positions from software engineering to sales to strategy consulting, and (almost) everything in between. From Global Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, in up to 20 countries.
[email protected]
+66 9 9398 7050


What kind of companies YDIN works with?

We work with companies that are both interesting and suitable for the YDIN’s experienced developers.

No secrets in that, in practice that typically means:

  1. Interesting and challenging work
  2. “Developer-friendly” company culture and way of working
  3. Competitive compensation

Important to understand that every developer is an individual, the situation in life and stage on the career is different, and emphasis on what matters at work varies accordingly.

How YDIN is different?

The fundamental difference in YDIN is that we focus on the developer, not the client.

It’s not saying that the client is not important, actually the opposite. We believe that this is the best way for us to help the tech companies:

Making sure that the best tech talent is working with the right companies, in right jobs and projects, and can focus to do what they love and do best: the tech stuff.

Sounds great! So what next?

Simple steps:

  1. Drop us a message, and let’s meet or call, introduce, and discuss your needs. To be able to introduce you the right developers, we need to know and understand about your company, organization, culture, people, and of course tech plans.
  2. If things sound promising, we sign YDIN Terms of Service that cover confidentiality, IPR protection, and basic terms and conditions to work together. Our model is fully transparent and public, so should be no surprises in the paperwork.
  3. When we have a developer we believe would be a good fit for your company, we’ll introduce him or her to you, and facilitate the discussions.