Partner income model

Get your fair share of the company’s growth and success, both short and long-term.

YDIN partner income model is built to:

  1. Give the partners incentive to grow and develop the company
  2. Provide the partners possibility for passive income and significant financial upside that is often not possible in the technical career paths
  3. Encourage and support collaboration and team-work among the partners


As a YDIN partner, you can optimize your income by:

  • Getting to work in better jobs and projects
  • Getting help to negotiate fair deals with your employers or clients
  • Focusing on your work and professional development instead of worrying about the financial side of your career
  • The possibility of passive income and substantial financial upside with the YDIN revenue share model
  • Advice on personal tax planning


The model is designed to follow these principles:

  1. Model is fully transparent and public on the YDIN website
  2. Model is exactly the same for everyone, no matter if you join as the 10th partner or 1000th partner.
  3. The target of the model is to ensure partners get the fair share of the company’s growth and success based on own contribution
  4. The model is not "carved in stone", and can be developed in the future based on needs
  5. All changes to the model must be openly discussed beforehand within the YDIN community
  6. YDIN is and will stay “lean and mean”: No fancy office buildings, “perks”, or additional costs that don’t add value to partners or clients
  7. All YDIN services are free for the partners

Income sources

As a YDIN partner you can get income from 3 different ways:

  1. Salary: If you land your next job with the help from YDIN, you naturally get the traditional employment salary and benefits from your employer.
  2. Client projects: Partner gets paid 80% of own invoicing from projects sold and delivered to the clients through YDIN.
  3. YDIN revenue share: Partner gets a share of YDIN company net revenue

YDIN makes money only from the share from client projects and recruitment fees, both directly derived from partners' income.

In practice, YDIN's financial incentive is to negotiate as good deals for partners as possible for both short and long-term.

Simply, the better the partners earn, the more is YDIN's share.

YDIN revenue share

In a traditional company, you get a steady and safe base salary and possible yearly bonuses. Startups incentify employees with equity-based models. Recently "crypto-startups" have been doing the same with different token-based models.

YDIN from the financial model point of view is closer to consulting firms than startups. Instead of equity, YDIN rewards the partners who grow and develop the company with a revenue share model.

YDIN gives 50% of all its net revenue back to partners based on a network model rewarding partners who have invited new partners to join YDIN.

YDIN net revenue in practice:

  1. Percentage from total invoicing from client projects
  2. Recruitment fees

See Pricing for details.

As a partner you get:

  1. 25% from all net revenue generated by partners you invited to join YDIN
  2. 12.5% from all net revenue from the 2nd level (partners invited by partners you directly invited)
  3. 6.25% from all net revenue from the 3rd level
  4. 3.125% from all net revenue from the 4th level
  5. 1.5625% from all net revenue from the 5th level
  6. And so on as far as the network grows ("infinite halves", together ~50% as the network grows)

As a partner, you’re entitled to the YDIN revenue share as long as you’re part of YDIN.





OMG! Is this an MLM scam?

YDIN is using a multi-level revenue share model, that is fully public for anyone to study and evaluate.

If after reading the model in detail you still have concerns, most probably you’re not in our target audience anyway.

Hey, wait a minute… 25%+12.5%+6.25%+… is not 50%?

Yes, congratulations, you passed the first test 😉

Every software heavy-lifter is expected to realize immediately that for example even 25% + 12.5% + 6.25% + 3.125% + 1.5625% is only 48.4375%, and not 50%.

So what happens to those missing percentages, if YDIN promised to return 50% to partners?

Simply, they are shared according to the model and end up to YDIN. When the company is still small, it enables a bit more possibilities to invest in the growth, and with the growth, the percentage will eventually get closer to the promised 50%.


How do I get paid?

Payments from own contracting work and the YDIN revenue share are available on your own YDIN account immediately after client’s payment has arrived.

You can “withdraw” your own money anytime and any amount to your own bank account.

Salary if employed of course normally from the employer.

What about my personal taxation?

Contractually as a partner in YDIN you’re an independent contractor, the thus responsible for your own personal taxation or whatever obligations you have in your home country or country of location.

Why don’t I just get equity in the company?

The YDIN revenue share model is actually better for you in many ways:

YDIN is not a startup developing own IP, the partners are not even own employees in the company! Thus the company is not really a typical target for an acquisition or going public. In other words, there might never be a liquidity event for the equity.

Even in the traditional startups, the liquidity event can come, if you’re lucky, typically in 6-12 years.

In the YDIN revenue share model, you get paid immediately after client payments, and compared to startup equity your share is more directly connected to your own contributions.

Equity-based incentive models for partners are still not completely ruled out from future, but no plans at the moment.

What happens to my revenue share if I join a full-time job elsewhere? Or decide to retire..?

As long as you’re a partner in YDIN, you’re entitled to your share. In practice forever, unless you decide to terminate your partnership, or get terminated caused by breach of contract.

Read the agreement carefully to understand both your rights and restrictions.

How many new partners can I invite? Endlessly?

There are no limitations to how many new partners you can invite, but keep in mind that they all need to get through YDIN’s vetting process (link).

Also, to keep the high-standards and avoid resources wasted, YDIN reserves the right to remove the right to invite temporarily or permanently from partners whos invitations are repeatedly not successful. In practice, quality instead of quantity.

Otherwise, feel free to build as big “branch” as possible and enjoy your revenue share… 🙂