Pricing for companies

All YDIN services for developers are 100% FREE.



YDIN pricing model is based on 3 principles: transparency, sharing the risks, and rewarding the community.

1. Transparent pricing. Our model and fee structure are public.

2. We share the risks with our clients. Both in hiring and contracting models.

3. We return 50% of all fees to the developers in the community with our revenue share model.

Hiring - Pay-as-you-go

A more cash-flow friendly option for recruitment costs.

Instead of the traditional 20 % upfront recruitment fee, we charge 1 % of the developer's first-year annual income monthly for the first 24 months of employment.

If the employment ends during the first two years, invoicing naturally ends too.

We share your risk: Commitment to long-term successful placements.



A company hires the developer introduced by YDIN as an employee.

Monthly salary: $6.000USD

Annual income (13 x monthly salary): $65.000USD

Monthly fee:  $650USD

24 months total: $15.600USD (For comparison, traditional 20% upfront: $13.000USD)

Contracting - Time & Material

Transparent invoicing based on actual hours.

Hourly rates negotiated case-by-case depending on the developer. The developer gets 80% of her total invoicing.

Real-time visibility to project's hours and budget.

Expenses only when pre-approved in writing by the client.

Money-back guarantee: We offer a no-risk 14 days trial period for all new developers. Pay only if fully satisfied.





We return 50% of all fees to the developers in the community with our revenue share model.

We want to give the fair share of the company's growth and success to the people who contributed and made it happen. Both short and long-term.

To enable that, we created YDIN multi-level revenue share model for the community (link to details coming soon).


Example 1: Hiring

A company hires the developer introduced by YDIN as an employee.

Total fee: $15.600USD

Community (50%): $7.800USD

YDIN's share (50%): $7.800USD


Example 2: Contracting

A company hires the developer introduced by YDIN as a contractor. Example of a monthly invoicing.

Total fee: $10.000USD

Developer (80%): $8.000USD

Community (50% x 20%): $1.000USD

YDIN's share (50% x 20%): $1.000USD

Payment terms

We invoice our clients end of each month. Invoices are generated with Net 10 terms, so you'll have plenty of time to review the charges prior to processing.


How is the annual income defined for the hiring fee?

Monthly salary * 13 = Annual income.

Annual income includes monthly salaries, varying yearly bonuses, holiday pay, and other employee benefits.

To keep things simple, let’s round it to one additional monthly salary.

What if I want to pay full hiring fee upfront?

Sure, in that case, we charge normal 20% of the developer’s first-year annual income when the contract is signed.

Giving 50% of fees back to developers?!? That’s crazy!

Yes, it would be crazy if YDIN would be a traditional software agency or a headhunting company, but we’re not.

We believe in the long play, that building a strong and committed community of software heavy-lifters is a better business strategy than trying to optimize short-term profits.

How are contracting rates decided?

Developers have their own rates that are negotiated with the client, case by case.

YDIN facilitates the negotiations, targeting to build long-term win-win relationships.

You work only T&M? No fixed-price projects?

Yes, we do contract work only Time & Material based.

Based on years of experience in agile software development, we believe that T&M is a better model for both the client and the developer.

The key success factors are then matching the right developer, fair terms, and full transparency during the development work.